Check Out 10 Common Errors in English Grammar

People are annoyed with grammar mistakes because it ruins the presentation of their paper. If you want to avoid this, knowing common mistakes will help you. It is also a help when you know how to check errors in English grammar.

List of Common Errors in English Grammar

  1. Less vs. fewer:  You should use less for intangible concepts such as time. You use fewer in discussing countable objects.
  2. Its vs. it’s: Use it as possessive pronoun and use it’s as an abbreviated for “it is” word.
  3. Dangling modifiers: You need to place the modifying clause nest to the phrase or word that intends to describe.
  4. Whom vs. who: “Whom” suits sentence instead of “who”. In considering whether you need to use “whom or who”, you need to rearrange your sentence in your head so that you will know which the best to use is.
  5. Me, myself and I: You should know where you need to use the word “me, myself and I”. You need to decide which the best thing to use.Common Errors in English Grammar
  6. Lay vs. lie: The word lay must have object. There are instances that the lie is the present tense and the lay is the past tense. There is also a time that the lay is the present and laid is the past tense. You should differentiate this two words.
  7. Irregular verbs: There are English words, when used as a verb changes in spelling, such as ‘begin’ (began, past tense; past participle, begun). To use the past participle, for instance, you should accompany it with has, have… Example: They have begun practice for the cheering competition last week.
  8. Nor vs. or: Use “nor” before farther or second two alternatives when neither introduces first. You can use ‘nor” with negative 1st sentence or clause.
  9. Then vs. than: You should use “then” to discuss time and “than” in comparing.
  10. End sentence with preposition. If you are asking how to check my paper for grammar errors, you will never have any mistakes in your paper. Do not just rely on one source because you need to check for numerous resources so that you have lots of guide. You need to start writing your paper now and ensure there are no mistakes.

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