Check Sentence Formation with These Main Rules

To check sentence formation maybe one of the most challenging tasks for many students struggling to do well in their writing. Now if you were one of them and you want to make sure that your sentences are readable and that your message is conveyed clearly, check out the following English grammar rules to follow and to make use to avoid mistakes.

Check Sentence Formation in English with Grammar

  1. To check sentence formation in English with grammar, you should make use of the active voice in writing. This help in making your writing strong and avoiding weak sentences that don’t convey your message in the strongest way possible. The foundation of the English language in this case is the rule of the subject + verb + object. This will help you achieve an active voice in your sentence.
  2. Use coordinating conjunctions when linking sentences to avoid run-on sentences. Some of them include- for, an, nor, but, or, yet.

    check sentence formation

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  3. To connect two ideas as one, you may want to make use of a comma. For example, I walked the dog, and I ran with him in the park.
  4. Use commas when writing a list or a series. For example, I bought apples, bananas and lemons.
  5. To join two ideas, you may also want to use a ‘semicolon.’ Don’t be afraid of the semicolon; in fact, it is one of the easiest punctuations to use. This is one that is checked by a sentence corrector to check sentence formation online.
  6. For habitual actions, you can use the ‘simple present tense of the verb.’ Example: Mary loves pets.

Check Sentence Formation Online

There you have some of the most common mistakes when trying to understand the rules of sentence formation; in time, you will eventually eliminate these errors and become a better writer that you will be proud. For help, you may want to use paper checker that helps you get rid of sentence mistakes for an outstanding paper and check punctuation in a sentence. Finally, you will be able to learn these rules and apply them into your writing, developing your writing skills. Study your options well and use the best tool in correcting your paper today!