Correct My Sentence Structure in an Essay

If you’ve just finished with your essay and you want to check its grammar and sentence structure, then you may want to use our tool to correct my sentence structure online. The checker is your help when trying to figure out the mistakes in your paper and when you want to correct English sentences online. Check out the following on how to check an essay with our sentence structure correction tool online.

Tips for Essay Help: Correct My Sentence Structure Online

  1. Determine the right sentence type to use in your essay, and they include simple sentences, compound sentences, complex sentences and compound-complex sentences.
  2. Use the active voice in your writing, one of the things to do if you want to come up with perfect grammar in your essay. The use of the active voice can avoid you from using the passive voice, which is not only long but also weak in conveying your message. The basic rule to remember is to check for the basic foundation of a sentence, which is the subject + verb+ object. Example, “The boy gave the slice of cake to his guest.”
  3. If you want to link ideas, you may want to make use of a conjunction, such as ‘for, nor, or, yet, buy, so, and…” Example, “The boy gave the slice of cake to his guest, but he forgot to give him something to drink.”
  4. Use the comma if you want to list a series of items. For instance, “Her mother brought home fruits, such as apples, lemons, bananas and grapes from their farm.”
  5. For habitual actions, use the present tense of the verb. For instance, “She goes to school every morning.”

Check My Sentence Structure Free

correct my sentence structure

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If you want to make sure that you can get rid of grammar errors and more in your paper, you may want to make use of our sentence structure corrector. It works so easily and fast without giving you any hassles at all. You can just select the text to check and then copy and paste it onto the interface before clicking the check button to begin checking the text. When done, it will return you with the results that you can remember to check your paper. By using it, you will eventually learn how to use grammar properly as well as how to correct sentence structure by yourself.

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