Correct Sentence Structure Checker- What Is the Correct Sentence Structure in English

Are you looking to correct sentence structure? However, you have a problem on the types of sentences structure that you may need to use when writing. Check out the following for a quick guide about the types of sentence structures. Later on, check out the ways that a correct sentence structure checker works to help you in getting rid of mistakes in your paper.

Correct Sentence Structure Online

There are four types of sentence structure and those are what you’re going to learn in the following section.

  • The simple sentence, a type of sentence containing only one subject and a verb, is made up of only a single independent clause.
  • The compound sentence is a kind of sentence that has two independent clauses, which are combined or linked by a semicolon or a conjunction.
  • The complex sentence has an independent clause and a subordinate clause. What is a subordinate clause? It is a type of clause that does not contain a complete thought.
  • The compound-complex sentence has at least one subordinate clause and at least two independent clauses.

Correct Sentence Structure Checker

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