Correct This Sentence Online- Find the Most Common Mistakes People Make in Their Sentences

No one is perfect, especially in terms of grammar use. And the main problem for many is that they commit the most common mistakes that ruin their work. To avoid the same problem, you may want to see this list of the most common mistakes people make in their papers and later on learn of the best tool to correct this sentence online.

Correct This Sentence Online Free: Common Mistakes People Make in Grammar

  • Missing Comma: The use of comma in a sentence is important so that you can convey your message clearly. You should use it when listing a series of items, such as ‘apples, orange and pears. You can also make use of it when breaking two independent clauses with a coordinating conjunction, such as or, yet, but, and… in sentences, such as She drove home fast, but she forgot her books in the library.
  • Run on sentences: This is another common sentence mistake people make in a sentence, something that happens when you don’t break up two independent clauses or sentences with coordinating conjunction. Example of mistake: She loves music, she hates cooking. To correct it, you should say, “She loves music, but she hates cooking.”
  • Commonly confused terms or words: Some of these include, ‘your and you’re, their and there, it’s and its… A mistake example: It’s there home. Instead, you should write, “It’s their home.
  • UK and US English spelling mistake: Some people, when writing, forgot about the difference in UK and US English spelling. For instance, it’s ‘colour’ in UK spelling, while ‘color’ in US spelling. Set your MS Word to default in either depending on the spelling you are going to use. Choose one and use it consistently to avoid the confusion in your article or essay.
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