Fix My Sentence Structure- How to Make Sure Your Sentence Structure is Grammatically Correct

“Can I fix my sentence structure?” Yes, you can. In fact, what you only have to do is to know of the four major types of sentence structures so that you can begin in correcting your sentences. What you have to know is that simple sentences, compound sentences, complex sentences and compound-complex sentences are the four types of sentences to use in your writing. To begin with, let’s talk about the meaning of each sentence below.

Fix My Sentence Structure: Types of Sentences

First is the simple sentence that is made up of only a single independent clause, with a subject and a verb. It is the most basic type of sentences to remember. Then, there is the compound sentence, which is made up of two independent clauses joined by a conjunction (or, but, yet, and). And then there is the complex sentence that is made by joining an independent clause and a subordinate or dependent clause. Finally is the compound-complex sentence, which is made up of at least two independent clauses and a dependent clause. Once you have memorized and learned of these sentence structure types, you can begin answering your next question, “How can I fix my sentence punctuation?”

fix my sentence structure

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One of the basic rules in checking punctuation is to make use of a comma/s when needed. When you are highlighting a list or a series, separate each item with a comma (,). When you are joining two independent clauses with a conjunction, you write a comma before the conjunction (and, or, but, yet). Then, don’t forget using a period (.) when denoting the end of a sentence. And then, use a semicolon (;) when joining two sentences and not using a conjunction (Example: The boy is early for school, but he forgets his homework back home.).

Use Fix My Sentence Structure and Fix My Sentence Punctuation Tool

For help in English sentences correction online, don’t think twice using a checker made to detect all types of English writing mistakes. This can help not only in fixing your errors but also in practicing you on how to make use of correct grammar and punctuation, too. The sentence corrector is not hard but easy to use that you only have to copy and paste your texts onto it to start detecting errors.