Grammar and Sentence Structure Check- Some Examples of Good Grammar Structure

Writing in proper grammar is one of the best assets someone could possess because it reflects his understanding of the English language. In some cases, however, it might be confusing to check other aspects of the language, including sentence structures. This may be one of the most difficult sections of English because there are some rules to take note. Worry not now because there are some examples and tips from grammar and sentence structure check tool.

Types of Sentence Structure: Grammar and Sentence Structure Check

Before you do grammar structure check, you might want to know the four types of English sentences.

  • The first one is the simple sentence, the very basic foundation of English sentences. Example: Liza went home late last night.
  • Next is the compound sentence, which is composed of two independent clauses joined by a conjunction. Example: Liza went home late last night, so her mother scolded her.
  • Following is the complex sentence. This is a sentence with an independent clause and a dependent clause. Example: When prices of rice go up (dependent clause), people buy less of it.
  • Finally is the compound-complex sentence, which is made up of at least two independent clauses and a subordinate clause. Example: Although I like to go on a vacation (dependent clause), I haven’t found the time to do it, and I haven’t decided with whom to go with, too.

Learn with Grammar Structure Check Tool

grammar and sentence structure check

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Above are the types of sentence structures as well as an example for each of them. Now while you’re practicing and getting used to memorizing and using such sentence types in your essays, you may also want to use a handy assistant that lets you check your paper for any mistakes you commit in terms of sentence structures.

For this matter, you may want to make use of the automatic grammar checker that works in an instant, without you having to download it on your PC. When you make use of the sentence corrector for checking your documents, you don’t have to worry about the time to consume as well because you no longer have to edit your paper manually. By saying that means you can no reduce the time for proofreading and editing your essays, giving you more time for yourself and for other things to do in your life, such as hanging out with friends.

Don’t think twice, but practice sentence structure with and get the benefits of tool for grammar structure check today!

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