How to Check Sentence Structure- 10 Tips You Should Follow

Understanding sentence structure is paramount if you want to write understandable texts and make sure that you are able to convey your message across without confusing your readers. The problem is that the task to detecting any mistakes in sentence structures may not be that easy. In this case, we’ve prepared some tips on how to check sentence structure.

How to Correct Sentence Online

  1. Read your text aloud. Had you noticed stumbles doing it? If so, there might be errors you have committed in your sentences.
  2. Take some time in writing to avoid cramming and rushing in your paper.
  3. Detect the subject and verb in your sentence. If there is no clear relationship, the sentence you thought was a sentence might actually be a fragment.
  4. Avoid complicating your sentences. Use the active voice when writing and write with short sentences.
  5. Avoid run-on sentences by using coordinating conjunctions—and, or, yet, but…

    how to check sentence structure

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  6. Avoid fragments, but make sure you are writing a complete thought, something you can detect by finding the independent clause.
  7. Use the right punctuation. One example is the semicolon. If you are not using a conjunction, use a semicolon in joining two related ideas in your sentence.
  8. Spot any dependent clause that does not complete a thought, although it is pointing to something. Example- “When the lights go off…”
  9. Make use of short and strong words in your sentences to avoid confusing your readers of your meaning using ‘long, winding sentences with weak, ambiguous words.’
  10. Edit your sentences and revise when needed.

How to Check Sentence Structure: Use the Best Checker Online

A sentence structure checker is your main helper to check for all types of mistakes in English, not limited to the types of sentences—simple, compound, complex and compound-complex, but also all types of mistakes in adverbs, verbs, adjectives and nouns, among others.

Just copy and paste your texts onto the tool, press the checker button and start your grammar and sentence structure check. Wait for the results and you’re done. Experience the benefits you’ll get from the sentence corrector to help you on ways on how to correct sentences online today!