Top 10 Errors in English Grammar You May Make a Mistake In!

Spelling Quiz on Common Spelling Errors

In English, one of the commonly confused and misused aspects in ‘spelling,’ and if you were one of those finding it hard to determine the difference between two or more words, especially when used in a sentence, then you may look into this quiz and answer it!

Okay, instead of wallowing of the problem on grammar, put your head up and learn how to correct errors in English grammar by answering the quiz that follows. As you know, there is always a room for improvement and that it’s not right to feel alone on this matter because there is help out there! To improve your skills, come on and start with this quiz to find out what your common errors, and possibly your weaknesses, in the English grammar world. If ready, come and let’s start!

Errors in English Grammar listWow, that was awesome! You did a good job, although you still have to practice to learn and improve your English grammar skills more and eventually be good in correcting grammar and punctuation errors yourself. Finally, feel free sharing this quiz with friends and help them enhance their grammar, too.

Image credit: http://www.englishtown.com/blog/ten-common-english-grammar-and-vocabulary-errors/